Dennis M. O'Leary CEO & CFO

Mr. O’Leary is a serial entrepreneur with significant international experience having founded Sulu Electric Power and Light Corp (Philippines), a firm with expertise in utility scale power generation and solar energy. He is the co-founder and Chairman of DarkPulse Technologies Inc., a firm developing specialized devices that monitor activities along national borders and provide structural health and safety monitoring of oil and gas pipelines. He holds extensive start-up experience including multiple exit strategies. Mr. O’Leary is an Ambassador for the Province of New Brunswick, Canada, and a Research Member of the NATO Science and Technology Organization. He served as a member of the Board at Arizona State University’s School of Engineering, Global Resolve as Chair of the Impact Committee. His previous employment includes the NYPD where he worked as a member of the Manhattan North Tactical Narcotics Team, which prosecuted establishments involved in the illegal distribution of narcotics. He was a member of a joint taskforce working with the DEA and USINS in the execution of warrants related to narcotics trafficking. While at the NYPD, he was assigned to the Department of Justice as a member of the FBI’s investigative team with internal designation C14. He is a licensed private pilot with turbine experience.

Dr. Anthony Brown Chief Science Officer, Board member

Dr. Brown has more than 10 years of research and lecturing experience gained at the University of New Brunswick, focussing primarily on the development of Brillouin scattering based distributed fibre optic sensor technology. During his tenure at the university he has been instrumental in developing numerous patents in the field of fibre optic sensing. He holds a PhD in Physics and a BSc in Physics, both from the University of New Brunswick.

Kenneth B (Ken) Davidson Chief Operating Officer, Director U.S. Operations for Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies

Mr Davidson having served in multiple senior leadership roles across a broad range of major projects in both Public and Private companies in the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental space brings over 37 years of key account, business development, and project management experience to DarkPulse. His experience includes major oil, gas, maritime, aviation and pipeline construction, recovery, and repair, projects up to 1.5 Billion in value with over 1000 employees on Shell and Chevron, major projects.

Ken has been responsible for conducting, leading, and delivering a wide variety of organizational, operational management and technical consulting and security services provided to major oil, gas, and renewable energy companies. The startup and operational management of two separate divisions. Recruiting, training, development, and management of multiple high performing teams of up to 135 safety and inspection professionals on signature oil, gas, maritime, terminal, offshore platform, major subsea and onshore pipeline projects.

He holds an FAA, Airline Transport Pilot License, FAA, sUas Unmanned Aircraft License and an MBA from the University of Mississippi. Kens objective in joining DarkPulse advisor to the Board of Directors is to aggressively assist in marketing the company’s products and services focused on business development, revenue growth, increasing operating margin, boosting capital efficiency, and attracting new investors. Maximizing the value of the corporation and acting in its best interest.

Dr. Joseph Catalino Chief Strategy Officer, Government Relations Liaison

Dr. Catalino is a business operations and management expert who relishes in challenging, often neglected and avoided projects. From economic development in a conflict zone, to cost-modeling of a government bureaucracy, Joe has led a number of high-levelinitiatives resulting in impressive results as one of the Pentagon’s top free-lanceexecutives, cementing his reputation as a fixer, builder, closer, and change- agent. For the last 6 years, he has led multiple organizations and teams within the U.S. Defense Department (DoD).

Joe was the last head of the Pentagon’s Task Force for Business and StabilityOperations. This controversial program focused on direct foreign investmentand industrial revitalization in Afghanistan. Congressional and inter-governmental criticisms placed the organization on the chopping block and Joe was appointed to close the agency. He worked tirelessly to appease Congress, multiple federal agencies, and international partners while closing out the$800M program. Joe wrapped up remaining infrastructure projects ahead ofschedule and under budget, returning $11M back to the Treasury; delivered a complete property book and digital archive, and transitioned all employees (2013-2015).

He developed the Pentagon’s first-ever Counterterrorism Partnership Program Office. This $1.3 billion initiative provided a sustainable, nation-building focus allowing the U.S. government to respond more nimbly to evolving terror threats. Joe used grit, charisma, and tenacity to win-over many senior leaders including the Secretary of Defense to formally fund, staff, and launch the new office (2015-2017).

Joe was also tasked with the development and deployment of a globally deployed, enterprise-wide, IT system for the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. This failing, $50 million Program of Record was near abandonment. Joe resurrected the effort, provided clear guidance, aligned objectives and goals, and coordinated all activities across the system development spectrum, positioning it for success (2017-2018).

In addition to his government achievements, Joe has led in private sector firms with extensive experience in business development, with capture results and capital generation in the millions; public/private healthcare delivery, and health services administration. Joe attributes his successes to key mentors who gave him opportunities and counseled him through many failures. As a result, he is a passionate mentor of his own, and has guided many professionals through different phases of their careers.

Joe holds a PhD and MPA in Public Policy/Health Services from Walden University, an MSA in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University, a BS in Workforce Education Development from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and is a graduate of the United States Air Force, Air War College. Joe is an adjunct professor where he teaches courses on critical incident management, threat and strategic planning, risk mitigation, and human security and was named a “Homeland Security Professional to Watch” by The Year in Homeland Security 2009.